About the News & Careers Department


Our Mission

The News & Careers Department of JYI publishes a wide variety of science news, feature, and career articles. Our goal is to produce high-quality science content for the public and train the next generation of science communicators. We are guided by the firm belief that the fruits of scientific labor are diminished if they are not appreciated beyond the confines of academia.

Our Team

A team of science journalists and editors writes and reviews the original content for the department. This team consists of an academically diverse group of undergraduate students from around the world. Daily operations are managed by the Deputy News & Careers Editors (DNCEs), and the department is overseen by Grace Niewijk, Senior News & Careers Editor (SNCE).

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback for the NCD, please contact the Senior News & Careers Editor at snce@jyi.org.